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Lifelong Learning

  For example--the quality of Lifelong Learning: With enduring curiosity and innovative creativity, we have a personal mission to continue to grow spiritually, cognitively, and emotionally. From Gary Carlson: I am a lifelong learner.  I’ve always been interested in why things are the way they are.  Perhaps that’s why [...]

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Deep Listening

With a confidence born from harvesting life experience and a humility that sees service as the natural result of continued inner growth, we find ways to serve everyday. This generosity of spirit elicits joy in human relations while positively benefiting the communities and cultures we serve. Sage-ing International has [...]

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Reverence for Life

For example--the quality of Reverence for Life: We bring an attitude of respect and care  for all living things and become stewards of our precious planet Earth. We engage in programs and projects with partnerships to nurture and sustain the wellbeing of the human family and planet Earth. From Pat Hoertdoerfer: Reverence for [...]

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Compassion in Action

For example--the quality of Compassion in Action: With a deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it, we serve from a deep passion that includes caring andunderstanding, reciprocity andforgiveness.   From Pat Lewis: I was aware of the list for the winter shelter held in our church hall and [...]

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Open Communication  

  For example--the quality of Open Communication: We practice effective communication by honoring mutuality in speech with language that reflects accurate, clear information and nurtures trust in relationships. From Julia Riley, RN, CSL, a holistic nurse educator, arts & healing practitioner,  faculty in the 2016 CSL training program. Ah…such an interesting time [...]

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For example--the quality of Joyfulness: Through deep acceptance of our lives we remember to laugh, play and see humor in life. Our spirit is regularly filled with feelings of joy as we celebrate how extraordinary it is to be alive. From Judith H. I work and play with elders with Alzheimer’s a few times a [...]