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What is Sage-ing?

Sage-ing International is a community of elders and elders-to-be  who are ready to explore new ways of aging.  Beginning as a networking organization for professionals, we have expanded our focus, reaching out to everyone approaching or in the second half of life.  Our vision includes teaching/learning, service and community as three vitally important aspects of the sage-ing journey.

Definition of an Elder:

An elder is a person
Who is still growing, still a learner,
Still with potential and
Whose life continues to have within it
Promise for and
Connection to the future.

 An elder is still in pursuit of
Happiness, joy and pleasure,
And her or his birthright to these
Remains intact.

Moreover, an elder is a person
Who deserves respect and honor and
Whose work it is to synthesize wisdom
From long life experience and
Formulate this into a legacy for
Future generations.

by Barry Barkan,  The Live Oak Project 

Moving from Age-ing to Sage-ing involves the following:

  1. Developing a willingness to deal with life completion and overcoming the desire to stay in denial of aging.
  2. Coming to terms with our mortality.
  3. Acquiring the skills for working on the inside by practicing journaling, meditation, imaginal exercises, and spiritual intimacy by creating safe and sacred space in dyads.
  4. Paying attention to our body, feelings, mind, and spirit, being guided by them and maintaining them in the right tone, mood, and attitude.
  5. Giving  a real hearing to the inner voices – allowing all the minorities within the whole person their witness.
  6. Beginning to do life repair:
    • in health
    • in practical matters with wills and testaments
    • in relationships and between generations
    • by reaching into the past and offering release and healing
    • through forgiveness work with release from vindictiveness
    • by finding the pearls in the anxious memories
  7. Doing the philosophical homework by raising questions about the purpose and the meaning of our lives.
  8. Serving as elders to others as guides, mentors, and agent of healing and reconciliation on behalf of the planet, the nation, and the family by being wisdom keepers.
  9. Preparing for a serene death and afterlife, furnishing our solitude with God.
  10. Doing this nobly in connectedness with the inner, actualized self,  already realized, individuated, and complete.

A Definition of Spiritual Eldering (Sage-ing & Conscious Aging)

Spiritual Eldering is the process of becoming an elder; of reviewing one’s life; of coming to terms with mortality; of finding one’s personal truth and the meaning of one’s life; of effecting intergenerational healing; of transmitting one’s wisdom learned through life experience; of creating one’s legacy; and of being a mentor to others.