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Choose one three hour workshop or two 90-minute workshops on Friday!

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Friday, October 26, 2018:

SESSION 1: 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Choose one 3-hour workshop)

OR choose two 90-minute workshops from the following Sessions

SESSION 2: 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. (Choose one 90-minute workshop)


SESSION 3: 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Choose one 9-minute workshop)

Friday, SESSION 1:  1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Choose one three hour workshop)

1) Spiritual Eldering in Action through Intergenerational Play by Dave Bauer, with Jerome Kerner and Barbara Frank; ROOM 300

This novel and interactive workshop is designed to offer elders the opportunity to grow as sages by engaging with the rising generations in nature. Participating together in nature immersion restores natural balance into the lives of the different generations, especially important in a time of global technology obsession. The deep bond developed between the generations through creative nature play and nature immersion will foster self-development and deepening of inner richness in elders and the rising generation. The resultant close intergenerational relationship is the ideal environment for sharing life narratives and transferring elder wisdom.

2) The Circle Way: A Transformative Process for Deepening Sacred Experience by Maureen Dobson and Robin Caruthers; ROOM 303

In this workshop, participants will experience and explore the guiding principles and practices of The Circle Way, based on the life work and writings of Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea. The Circle Way is a lightly formalized, lightly facilitated social structure that allows people to use circle process in a wide range of settings. Whether looking for a meaningful way to talk with family and friends, or to gather employees of an organization to reimagine it’s future, or to facilitate a Sage-ing workshop and/or wisdom circle in your community, there is something for everybody in this workshop.

3) Empowered Elders Reconnecting for the Earth by Constance Washburn; ROOM 304

We are larger, stronger, deeper, and more creative than we have been brought up to believe. An interconnected view of reality arises from deep ecology, systems thinking, and the reemergence of non-dualistic spirituality. These three streams of thought, brought together in the Work That Reconnects, remind us of our mutual belonging in the web of life and the innate powers within us for the healing of our world. In this interactive workshop, we will experience together four transformational stages: 1) Coming from Gratitude; 2) Honoring our Pain for the World; 3) Seeing with New and Ancient Eyes; and 4) Going Forth together for the Earth.

4) Reviewing Your Unlived Life by Connie Zweig; ROOM 306

The purpose of the traditional life review is to distill lessons learned and meaningful patterns from our life experience.  But this is only the conscious tale we tell ourselves. Another story, the unlived life, is running beneath the threshold of awareness. According to Jung, substantial material gets repressed into the shadow as the ego develops. This workshop offers a way to link the story of our conscious lives with the story of our unexpressed feelings, unexplored gifts, and unlived dreams.  Then, if we choose to, we can reclaim material from the shadow that we want to express now to enrich late life.

5) Listening is an Act of Love: Senior Voices and Legacy Creation by Jill Davis; ROOM 307

What will future generations of your family know of your life? How can your stories and experiences benefit your family members on their journeys through life? The BIG C-Video Legacy Project, a Montana State University Writing/Composing Project created by Jill Davis, pairs freshman students with elder community members who are experiencing cancer. Ten weeks of video interviews resulted in Stories That Matter – For the People They Love, a unique and tangible legacy to younger generations. In this workshop, after seeing how others have made a lifetime legacy video, we will create our own practice legacy videos.

6) The Divine Human in a Divine World: The Final Transformation of Sacred Aging by John Robinson; ROOM 308

For thousands of years the mystics have been telling us that we are divine beings in a divine world. John Robinson’s desire for this workshop is to radically inspire a collective mystical consciousness in line with the Creation Spirituality Principle, “Every one of us carries within the capacity to be a mystic and visionary, and to be an agent for positive change.” Reclaiming the mystics’ vision and agency involves Mystical Activism, which arises as we awaken Divine Consciousness within, transforming ourselves, our perception of reality, and our work in the world. This workshop draws on John’s books, Finding Heaven Here and The Divine Human: The Final Transformation of Sacred Aging.

7) Finding Peace: Healing Your Family Soul by Paulette Robinson; ROOM 310

This workshop will use Family Systems Constellations (FSC), a highly experiential method developed by Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist.  This method exposes and brings into balance multigenerational family systems and heals emotional, physical, and spiritual patterns. This work takes advantage of the energetic field of knowledge that surrounds and interconnects all of us.  Participants will experience the field of knowledge directly and the healing associated with the identification of root causes and from balancing the system.

8) Family Conversations: Giving Elders a Voice at the Table by Rich Kessler and Marian Eisner; ROOM 323

With the best intentions, families often face problems while working together to help parents and other older relatives. Old, as well as new, conflicts often arise. Family Conversations, facilitated family meetings, assists families in addressing these concerns. Through stories, lectures, group exercises, ritual, audience participation and Q&A, we describe the process and provide participants with tools to use in meetings with family, clients, and friends. The workshop is designed for Sage-ing practitioners as well as people curious about how Sage-ing work can be useful to them in their personal and professional lives.

OR choose two 90-minute sessions from the following Sessions

Friday, SESSION 2: (90-minute workshops) 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. (Choose one 90-minute workshop)

9) Expressing Our Unique Voices to Transform Our World by Anne Adams; ROOM 301 

This experiential session is based on the foundational concept of integrality. The integral nature of human beings includes their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual intelligences. The integral nature of life includes people and their worldviews, their behaviors, cultures, environments, and systems. Awareness and cultivation of these energies gives rise to our unique voices.  Participants will explore together the evolution of their own unique voices, and have an opportunity to present them.

10) Working Creatively after Midlife as a Path to Transformation by Sally Fox; ROOM 305

For many of us, stopping work at 65 is not an option, nor do we want it to be. This is our time to choose work that feels most ours to do: to work in a way that honors where we are in life and to work in a way that allows us to express ourselves creatively, whether for art, for income, or volunteering. Let’s create new stories about the nexus of aging, work, and creativity. Let’s design practices that feed our spirits while changing the cultural narratives about the second half of life.

11) Awaken Intuition and Access Inner Wisdom Using SoulCollage® by Catherine Anderson; ROOM 319

Seena Frost, creator of the SoulCollage® process, was 69 when she published her book, sharing this intuitive and creative collage process with the world.  SoulCollage® uses imagery, imagination, and intuition to gently guide us to rediscover parts of ourselves that have been dormant during our busy years, that can now support us on our Sage-ing journey.  SoulCollage® can help us reunite with our deeper purpose as we explore ourselves through the realm of images.  The process requires no special skills, and can often produce insights that are surprising and full of depth and meaning.

12) Growing Boldly-with Gratitude, Gusto, Grit, and Grace by Minx Boren; ROOM 321

What does it take to grow boldly? Standing at the crossroads of here and now, this workshop provides an opportunity to look back over what brought you to this time and place while also looking to the future with hope and determination. This workshop focuses on recognizing our capacity to continue to structure our lives in ways we consider significant, seeing each new day as a gift and an opportunity to live in ways that are meaningful, purposeful, joyful, and fulfilling.

Friday, SESSION 3: (90-minute workshops) 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Choose one 90-minute workshop)

9) Introduction to the new “Heart of Aging” Curriculum by Rosemary Cox and Linda Cronk; ROOM 301

This session will introduce Sage-ing International’s repositioned “Heart of Aging” program which consists of up to 24 personal growth sessions on subjects related to aging consciously and with purpose. In addition to core Sage-ing topics (Images of Aging, Life review, Forgiveness, Facing Mortality, Giving our Gifts/Service),  the Heart of Aging includes sessions on Conscious Living, Intuition, Loving the self, Inner wisdom, Gaia Consciousness, Blessings and Living with a Grateful Heart. An additional session will  be offered for those interested in sharing the curriculum with others and will address in more depth the learning model and the neuroscience behind the program as well as facilitation tools and resources. Come learn about this program and how you can participate.

10) Older Workers Rock: Be the Sage in the Workplace by Renee Rosenberg; ROOM 305

Many older workers either want to remain in the workforce or to pursue alternative career choices. To do this they need to claim their voices, believe in their power as workplace sages, and learn to develop new scripts based on stories of past experience, earned wisdom, and accumulated knowledge. Many, however, fall victim to a self-fulfilling prophecy, “I am not wanted, I am too old to be hired.” They need to develop transformative and affirmative new narratives. In this interactive session, attendees will explore past stories, reframe negative beliefs patterns, create positive new narratives, and gain insights into present viable career alternatives.

11) Older Women’s Legacy Circle: A Life Review and Memoir Program by Judith Helburn; ROOM 319

The OWL program was developed with a grant given to Story Circle Network. Its mission is to help women everywhere share the stories of their lives. The manual specifically guides the facilitator not only with suggested subject matter, but timing, marketing, organizing, and presentation as well. This session will cover the Story Circle material and will offer suggestions on how one might lead a series or memoir writing sessions on one’s own. We will have time to do some guided writing and share examples of how the program works.

12) Exploring the Moral Voice of an Elder by Pat Hoertdoerfer and  Lynne Iser; ROOM 321

When we reclaim our role as elders, we also discover the responsibilities that accompany that role. In many cultures the elder speaks for the welfare of all living things, especially future generations. In this workshop we will explore the idea of a moral voice, identify and work with elder role models, and discover our own voices as elders. As we discern how to use this moral voice, we will practice our elder roles in the public square whether in city council, in print and social media, or at our dining room table.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

SESSION 1: 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon (90-minute workshops)

SESSION 2: 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. (90-minute workshops)

Saturday, SESSION 1: 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon

1) Are We Wise Yet? by Carol Orsborn and Robert Weber; ROOM 300

We who are aging consciously aim to become wise. Two years after leading a plenary session at our last conference, Bob and Carol return to lead a revealing and uplifting conversation about the obstacles, paradoxes, and surprises of rising to the occasion of growing older in unexpectedly turbulent times. Participants will be invited to share with one another what we’ve learned about wising up about issues of legacy and meaning, ambition, intergenerational relationships, health, mortality, and more.

2) Self-Mastery for Connection with the Divine by Ruth Dow Rogers; ROOM 301

What stops you from experiencing Oneness in every-day life? How do you get in your own way? What frustrates you and causes you to lose your centeredness and connection to Spirit? What behavior patterns show up at work, home, and in relationships, that you wish you could change? In this session, we will explore individually, in small and large group exercises and discussions the following concepts, practice methods, and tools to help us create “Self-Mastery:” How to recognize recurring behavior patterns and belief systems; suffering, releasing expectations, accepting what is; spirals and layers of transition; developing presence and the peace that passes understanding.

3) YERUSHA: Reb Zalman, The Person and His Legacy by Marc Kronisch; ROOM 303

Many people know Reb Zalman only as the author of From Age-ing to Sage-ing. However, his legacy extends far beyond his work in Eldering. In this highly participatory workshop, we will learn about Reb Zalman, the person, by sharing his stories, music, dances, chants, prayers, meditations, and his mystical teachings.  Reb Zalman left us “Davvenology,” how to pray from the heart in any language; “Eco-Kosher,” environmental consciousness; “Deep Ecumenism,” the respect of all faiths and traditions; and inspired reflections on Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism. Participants are asked to bring a sacred object or picture for our ritual alter (optional).  

*Movement and dance will be modified to encourage maximum inclusion.

4) Well Being: Whole Body, Whole Life, Whole World by Jan Hively, with Pat Samples and Karen Greer; ROOM 304

In this workshop, the presenters will actively engage the participants in experiencing three approaches to achieving well-being by: 1) using body movement to exercise the six dimensions of individual well-being; 2) illustrating the value of cyclical life planning throughout life with a video and life planning exercise; and 3) inviting participation in a global network, the Pass It On Network, in which older adults share programs, policies, and practices to expand adaptive positive aging across geographic and cultural boundaries.

5) Stories to Heal a Divided World by Charlene Depner; ROOM 305

This highly interactive workshop invites participants to experience the power of stories to heal divisions among us. Using classic Sage-ing practices, participants will share and listen deeply to stories that bridge divides of time, age, culture, race, class, tradition, religion, entitlement, and politics. We explore the neurology of bias, conditions that accentuate it, and strategies to train the mind and heart to remain open.  We will experiment with new communication approaches designed to address ageism and heal divisions across generations. Participants are invited to join in a brief closing ritual honoring community building and belonging.

6) Seniors Investing in a Brighter Future for Kids with Absent Parents by Mary Goetze; ROOM 306

The lives of an increasing number of children are disrupted every day by mass incarceration, placing them at greater risk of serving jail or prison sentences. This session will highlight two locally grown programs. One records each incarcerated parent reading a book to their child; the other, Kids with Absent Parents (KAP), was inspired by seniors concerned about racial justice and mass incarceration. Retired teachers, children’s librarians, artists, and musicians offer arts and physical education experiences to children. Former social workers and therapists meet with caregivers who share the challenges they face, discuss parenting, and find ways to support one another.

7) Sacred Activism through Service:  “Voluntourism” or Making a Difference by Kathleen Roberg; ROOM 307

Short-term mission trips related to medical, construction, education, or proselytizing have never been more popular. However, many “mission trips” are vacations packaged with a veneer of “service.” In fact, many projects could actually be accomplished by buying the supplies and hiring a local person to complete them; thereby helping the local economy for much less than the cost of a team and a reducing the carbon footprint. Successful service efforts result from partnerships rather than volunteer-recipient relationships.

8) Inspiring People to Age Magnificently by Joel Theisen; ROOM 308

Surgeon and best-selling author Atul Gawande said it best: “We have medicalized aging and that experiment is failing us.” So what can people in the second half of life do to change that experience – for themselves, and for others? From the front lines of the American health care system, this provocative and inspiring presentation sheds light on key aspects of the aging experience and challenges participants to take charge of their well being and ignite their passion to create change for others, too.

9) The Hero’s/Heroine’s Journey: Discovering the Elder Gift of Our Wounds by Ron Pevny and Anne Wennhold; ROOM 310

This workshop is an introduction to the archetypal journey of the hero/heroine. From this perspective, we will explore the importance to a conscious elderhood of coming to understand and honor the woundings we have suffered on this journey as the material from which our deepest elder gifts and wisdom can be formed. Compassion for ourselves and willingness to view the stories of our woundings and regrets as essential gifts of this journey and will be key themes of this experiential workshop.

10) How Can Elders Reach Out to Younger Generations? by Jennifer Listug and Skylar Wilson; ROOM 319

Can we find new ways to bridge the generations while learning and growing together? Let’s find out! Workshop presenters are 29 and 34 years old respectively. They work with teenagers and young adults through rites of passage and ritual making. The workshop will explore ways that elders can assist the young and together regain the core of our human connections while practicing ways to create pathways of empathy, common language, and vision. The long-term health of humanity and Earth depends upon intergenerational sharing of wisdom and precious resources.

11) Advanced Sage-ing: When People Want More by Nancy Gray-Hemstock and Annie Klein; ROOM 321

To meet the need and demand for follow-up courses to Sage-ing International’s Introduction to Sage-ing workshops, Nancy and Annie have developed, taught, facilitated and evaluated over 20 advanced topics for conscious aging. Examples of our classes are: Relationships as We Age; Philosophical Quest; Strengthening Soul; Shadow; and We’re All Just Walking Each Other Home. We will share our curricula, discuss what worked and what didn’t, and explore creative ideas for additional Sage-ing education and this great work

12) Writing to Sense the Sacred in Our Lives by Nan Phifer; ROOM 323

Through writing, we will explore the times when we have experienced profound emotions such as expansive joy, wonder, fulfillment, and gratitude, as well as times of distress, grief, loss, or despair. From this workshop you will acquire a strategy that elicits powerful writing, applies life-affirming reflections, and leads to revelation of shared spiritual depths that underlie significant experiences. You will experience a process that can be replicated for use with various age groups, as well as for your own personal growth.

Saturday, SESSION 2: 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

1) Great Expectations: Developing a Healthy Perspective on Aging with Humor, Play, and a Few Good Laughs Along the Way by Kay Caskey and Laurie Young; ROOM 300

In today’s youth-focused world, older people are often regarded with fear or disdain or as a costly burden. As older people we may also avoid and resist aging and in the process lose our smiles. Humor, play, and a few good laughs along the way can no longer be perceived as frivolous luxuries but as important skills for creating a healthy, wealthy, and wise old age. Participants will learn a skill that will help them smile forever. Success guaranteed!

2) Walking the Labyrinth: A Path of Life and Joy! by Caryl Pripusich; ROOM 301

Walking a labyrinth offers us a good meditation practice, especially for people who find sitting on a cushion quite difficult. The Labyrinth is an ancient, walking ritual of twists and turns, like life. We begin by letting go of our face to the world, sinking into the center, where we can stand, sit, lay down, and have an experience of the Divine, of peace, or of pain. The center offers us a wonderful space to gather up ourselves and gives us hope to continue on the path of more twists and turns, making joy an option as we re-enter the world. Please consider this invitation to meet yourself and others on the “Path with Life and Joy!”

3) Into the Mystery: Presence at the End of Life by Sharon Waller; ROOM 303

This workshop is an invitation to reflect upon our experiences with death, dying, and grief, and to open to the immense and rich teachings that they offer. Poetry, stories, and insights from writers in the end-of-life field will help guide us as we  honor our own experiences of death and grief with attention and care, and  explore possibilities for spiritual growth and transformation.

4) Facilitating a Conscious Aging Workshop Program inside a Federal Prison by Marc Blesoff; ROOM 304

According to a 2016 report by the U.S. Justice Department Office of the Inspector General, there is no programming in the Federal Bureau of Prisons specifically for inmates 50 years of age and older, the fastest growing segment of the incarcerated population. In March and April of 2017, Marc facilitated the 8-week IONS Conscious Aging Workshop program inside a maximum-security federal prison. Twelve inmates participated. Marc will present a description of the workshops and particularities of facilitating workshops inside prison. He will engage conference participants in hands-on exercises that sample from the workshops inside the prison.

5) How to be Happy in an Uncertain World by Gail Braverman; ROOM 305

In this workshop we will explore how to achieve happiness through lecture, discussion, experiential exercises, and writing. We will discover and discuss what determines happiness, the myths of happiness, and strategies for increasing happiness. In a safe and supportive environment we will encourage risk-taking to find our authentic and unique voices and what individually brings us happiness.

6) Let’s Nip Ageism in the Bud: Older Role Models in Picture Books by Lindsay McDivitt; ROOM 307

Negative stereotypes about aging are “baked into” our culture and research tells us they can affect both health and happiness as we age. Children’s picture books provide powerful opportunities to transform what we teach children about growing older. A picture book may be beautiful and enjoyable, but can contain art and text that plant the seeds of ageism in young.

7) On Being an Aging Woman: A Conversation by Joan Ditzion; ROOM 308

Tapping into the lived experience of women of all ages provides insight into the aging experience. This experiential workshop will begin with brief opening statements from panelists Joan Ditzion, Connie Goldman, Phyllis Mitzen, Helen Kivnack and RobinTillotson.  Small group discussion and large group discussion create a sense of community for participants. As our intergenerational voices are heard with intensity and passion, together we engage in authentic dialogue, embrace the opportunities and challenges in our aging journeys, and are able to work together to change the aging paradigm.

8) Discover Your Moving Body Wisdom by Pat Samples; ROOM 310

Discover what a surprising resource for transformation your body can be. Learn the core emotional and spiritual lessons hidden there through mindful and playful attention. You’ll make friends with your body while moving it freely, find a renewed sense of passion and creativity, and rediscover your own innate beauty, wisdom, and power. Pat Samples draws on Karen Roeper’s inspiring Essential Motion work to help you unveil your body’s remarkable intelligence. In this deep dialogue between the body and its expressive movement, we dissolve unconscious holdings and move past constraining beliefs. We find the courage to express who we truly are, opening the way for wholeheartedly living into our vision, goals, and dreams.

9) From Passion to Story to Service: Finding and Following the Call to Action by Stan Paine and Gayle Dee; ROOM 319

Many people have a cause in their life about which they care deeply. Each of these passions has a story behind it. Causes and stories often move people to acts of service that support their causes. In this workshop, we will share our causes, stories, and service possibilities for named passions.  We will invite participants to consider how they might further their current service impact or begin a new act of service. We will also encourage networking and propose follow-up activities to support acts of service when we return our own communities.

10) Create Your Inner Sage Wisdom Figure by Barb Kobe; ROOM 321

Join healing doll artist Barb Kobe as she guides you in making your transformative healing doll, a reflection of your “Sage Wisdom.”  In the ninety-minute creative process you will gather information, your Sage Wisdom, and creative materials, and create your very own Sage Wisdom Doll.  Near the end of class, you will name your Sage Wisdom Doll and present to the group.  No experience needed.  All materials provided; $15.00 supply fee.  Class limited to 20 participants.

11) Spirit Drum – Honoring the Ancestors by Gabriel Ross and Kathy Poitter; ROOM 323

Drumming evokes the heartbeat and life force of the earth. In this workshop participants will learn the basic skills of playing a frame drum. We will explore how the drum is connected to the elements: earth, air, fire, and water. Late October is the time for honoring the dead in many cultures. We will use the drum to connect with and honor the ancestors while acknowledging their importance to our spiritual journey. Come celebrate the ancestors and experience the drum as a partner for soul work.