Sage-ing Global Webinars

SI presents a series of live monthly webinars on our core topics and themes related to conscious eldering. They can be viewed on any internet-connected device.

Monday, April 29, Sage-ing My Aging Griefs with Age-less Relief: How do I Integrate My Age-ing Losses and Gains? As we age, we all experience the loss of beloved friends, abilities, and independence. Bob Coulson, a specialist in Retirement, Aging, and Spiritual Direction offers a webinar experience on how to integrate your aging-related losses and gains into the days we still have ahead, growing wiser, well, and whole. For information and to register, click… HERE.

Wednesday, May 29, Facing Reality: Preparing Spiritually for Living With Dementia. Rabbi Dayle Friedman, an interfaith spiritual director, facilitates a creative and interactive webinar on meeting the healthcare and spiritual challenges brought on by frailty and dementia in ourselves and our loved ones. For more information and to register, click… HERE.