Age-ing to Sage-ing Workbook, Digital Download


The popular From Age-ing to Sage-ing Workbook is now available as a digital download. Print your own copy for personal use. This is a digital file, and no physical copy will be sent to you with this purchase.

You may print a second copy at any time, again for your own use. Please do not make copies for groups; each group member should have his or her own copy. Thank you for respecting the copyright.

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In this book:

  • Definition of An Elder
  • The Practice of Sage-ing®
  • Sine Qua Non
  • Meditation for Elders
  • Spiritual Intimacy
  • Socialized Meditation
  • Journal Keeping
  • Approaching Elderhood
  • Our Lives as One Cycle of the Year
  • Relationship Maps: Significant People in My Life
  • Life-Time Maps: Significant Actions in My Life
  • Meditation: Exploring My Psycho-Spiritual World
  • Meditation: On My Physical Body
  • Bedtime Prayer of Forgiveness
  • Healing a Painful Memory
  • Testimonial Dinner
  • The Gift of Forgiveness:  A Gift To Our Own Selves
  • Journey to Meet Our Inner Elder
  • Checklist for Creating Peace of Mind
  • Scripting Your Last Moments on Earth
  • Philosophical Homework:  A resource for Chokmah/Wisdom
  • The Experience of Mentoring:   Intergenerational Work
  • Acting as An Elder-Sage of the Tribe
  • Starting a Sage-ing® Discussion Group