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Online Events

April 25-May 30, 2019, The Heart of Aging with Wisdom – Series I (six session, online series)The Heart of Aging with Wisdom, Series I and II is the most comprehensive and wide-ranging approach to conscious aging offered by Sage-ing International. It is designed to engage and inspire participants with conversation and interaction about healthy spirited eldering. Enrollment is open to those who are interested in their own personal growth as elders and/or also to those interested in leading groups with this program content. Rosemary Cox, Education Coordinator for Sage-ing International originated the HoA and co-facilitates with HoA faculty partners Linda Cronk , Cindy Siemers and Al Rider .

In The Heart of Aging with Wisdom brochure read more on the talented, accomplished HoA faculty, and a full description and schedule for Series I and II. For brochure and registration for Series I starting April 25, 2019 click…HERE.

June 13th, 20th, & 27th, 2019 (three consecutive Thursdays), 6:00 – 8:30 pm ET, Online Awakening the Sage Within.
Awakening the Sage Within, a signature program from Sage-ing International, is now available in a new online series. The ASW is an excellent introduction to Sage-ing concepts, and fulfills the prerequisite for enrolling in the global Sage-ing International Certified Sage-ing Leader (CSL) training. Register and find out more HERE.