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Live Events/Workshops/Retreats

Sage-ing International events and local conscious aging events are good ways to learn more and to connect with like-minded people. Choose a category of events from the list below and click through to see all the events in the given category. If you prefer, scroll down the page to see a listing of upcoming events, or visit our Events Calendar page to search for events in your area.

You may also find a Chapter or Circle in your neighborhood! Visit our Chapters page or  Wisdom Circles page to learn more.

Sage-ing International Sponsored Events

Sage-ing Webinars: Live 1 hour+ presentations with panel and discussion

Awakening the Sage Within: One-day introductory Sage-ing programs

Deepening the Sage Within:  In-depth Sage-ing workshops/retreats (formerely called Sage-ing Intensive Workshops)

Professional Development: Two paths to becoming a Sage-ing Leader

Chapters: Local community gatherings of Sage-ing International members

Other Conscious Aging Events

Conscious Aging Workshops, Retreats, Seminars:  Events addressing sage-ing principles and practices offered by CSL leaders and others committed to Conscious Aging practices

Wisdom Circles: Local gatherings of elders exploring sage-ing ideas and practices

Deepening the Sage Within Workshops (DSW) (formerly Sage-ing Intensive Workshops)

Check back soon for information on future workshops.

Awakening the Sage Within (ASW)

Chautauqua, New York – July 24-25-26, 2018. Deborah Briggs, CSL a skilled corporate consultant finds her passion helping others to discover, celebrate and use their gifts. She will facilitate this summer ASW event at the Chautauqua Institution. Space is limited, prompt registration is advised. For more information and registration, click…HERE.

Tacoma, Washington – August 18, 2018. Marilyn Loy Every, DMin, CSL author of several books on the inner sage, brings her rich experience in spiritual direction, affirmative aging guidance and life visioning to facilitate this day long event at Catherine Place. Space is limited, prompt registration is advised. For more information and registration, click…HERE

Minneapolis, Minnesota – September 15, 2018.Karen West, MA, CSL a lifelong educator and seeker, found her post-retirement passion in Sage-ing and conscious aging. She offers this event at the Compassionate Ocean Zen Center. Find more information and registerhere.

South Salem, New York, September 23, 30 & October 7, 2018.Jerome Kerner, CSL, Co-chair of Sage-ing International facilitates an introductory Sage-ing series on three Sundays. As an architect for over fifty years, Jerome learned to see and honor the uniqueness in each place and person. Now an octogenarian, he loves sharing the purpose, passion and meaning he has discovered through Sage-ing work. For more information and to register, clickHERE.

Indianapolis, Indiana – September 29, 2018. Georgeanna Tryban, MSW, PhD, CSL, Treasurer of Sage-ing International, a retired professor and gerontologist combines her years of academic experience with her passion for Sage-ing to facilitate this day long event at Luke’s Lodge. Ellen Hodge, MAPCC, retired pastoral psychotherapist and experienced group leader will assist. For more information and registration, click…HERE