We have some very talented musicians in Sage-ing International who have been creating their own songs and music relating to the Sage-ing journey.  On this page are examples from two of our members, Bob Atchley and David Kuenzli.  Check out their music, and if you like it, consider getting a CD that includes all these songs and others as well.


Bob Atchley recently shared with us that he and his colleague Ed Edwards have a new CD out called In Sight which has on it many of the songs he does  at the Sage-ing International conferences, such as The Journey, The Source, We’re Awake, In the Land of Plenty, and When We Come Home. The music is available from CDBaby

Download his original recorded songs  from iTunes and Amazon. Songs that are popular with the Sage-ing folks include Pay Close Attention, Ms Dynamite, I Am a Legend, and You Can Tell Me Your Secrets.



Music the CD “My Resilient Aging Years” (10 tracks total) here: