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Conscious Aging Bloggers

A number of Sages/Wise Elders actively blog about topics related to living well in the second half of life.  Here are links to some of their work.

  • Dr. Bill Thomas is an international expert on elderhood and geriatric medicine. He is the founder of the Eden Alternative and Green House Project, a writer and musician and maintains the blog “Changing Aging.”
  • Christina Baldwin,  a member of Sage-ing International’s Council of Honored Sages, is an author of 9 books including “Story Catcher” and her co-authored work with Ann Linnea, “The Circle Way”.   Christina and Ann offer teaching and facilitation locally and globally.
  • Dr. Connie Zweig, author of Meeting the Shadow and Romancing the Shadow, is now writing The Reinvention of Age and blogging excerpts.
  • Barbara Warner blogs on Powerful Tools for the Second Half of Life.  After we reach the second half of life, we can look back on our past and know that we are not the same person that we were 20 years ago.
  • John Robinson is a psychologist, minister and author of books on aging.  He has a website (www.johnrobinson.org) and regularly blogs on aging topics.
  • Jann Freed blogs about learning, leading, living, and … Sage-ing. Sage-ing is positive aging in the second half of life. When is the second half of life? It is sooner than you think.
  • Carol Orsborn Carol’s blog, Fierce with Age: The Online Digest of Boomer Wisdom, Inspiration and Spirituality, features the best content on spirituality and aging on the web delivered to subscriber’s inboxes for free on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Brenda McCutcheon is the corporate director of elder life and spirituality at Loretto, a licensed minister of the United Church of Christ and a student in the New York School of Ministry.
  • Dinah Berland is a poet and editor who blogs for the Huffington Post (Post50 column) on growing older today. Her recent post How to Create a Fulfilling Future: Share Your Wisdom considers how elders are viewed in various cultures.
  • Stephen Garrett blogs about accepting death as a natural, fundamental and important aspect of life. Creating a welcoming space for honest, open, heartfelt conversations about death can be a catalyst that actually provokes people to live the rest of their lives more fully, passionately and joyfully.
  • Lyndall Hare  Gerontologist Dr. Lyndall Hare has expertise in the transitions facing boomers as they move from midlife into elderhood.  She conducts workshops and groups using a “growth” model rather than a “decline” model of aging.  She blogs about eldercare issues and the spiritual aspects of aging.
  • Gaea Yudron Gaea Yudron’s Sage’s Play blog investigates aging as a valuable, rich time of life. Gaea spotlights outstanding elders and their lives and work. She also muses about creativity and its links to wellness.
  • David Goff is a contributor at ChangingAging, and the author of Embracing Life: Toward A Psychology Of Interdependence and co-author of The Age of Actualization: A Handbook For Growing An Elder Community.
  • Meg Laporte’s blog, Age in America, aims to reframe perceptions of aging in America with oral histories, storytelling, and images that illustrate the positivity, diversity, and value of being older.
  • Grace Smith is an octogenarian Sager from Capetown, South Africa who has a lifetime of experience to share with us.  Check our her newest blogs!