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Professional Development/Certification (CSL)

Sage-ing International is a non-profit organization that trains Sage-ing Leaders (Certified Sage-ing Leaders (CSLs))  to facilitate workshops that help the general public learn how to live more fully in the second half of life.  Sage-ing Certified Leaders (CSLs) receive their professional development from Sage-ing International’s signature year long facilitator training program, providing them with the skills to present Sage-ing programs skillfully and compassionately. If you have an interest in achieving an  in-depth understanding of Sage-ing principles, and especially if you are interested in facilitating Sage-ing activities in your community, you are encouraged to participate in our signature professional development program. The development process itself helps Sage-ing International maintain a high level of quality in the learning experiences we offer. It is led by highly skilled Certified Sage-ing Leader faculty and individual mentors to guide participants during their internship year.  Certification provides participants with the skills, knowledge, and use of copyrighted Sage-ing materials to develop, market, and present programs on all aspects of Sage-ing through classes, workshops, and conference presentations.  Graduates carry the title of Certified Sage-ing Leader (CSL). For more information click here Sage-ing Leader Certification.

The Sage-ing Circle Facilitator (SCF) Program is no longer offered as a training program but its content “The Heart of Aging” is now being offered as an advanced Sage-ing curriculum program. Sage-ing Circle Facilitators, formerly trained leaders through Memorial Hospital, still offer Sage-ing endorsed and sponsored programs in their communities.