Team MSU Sage-ing

Charlotte HO, Qian Zhang, Monica Tran, Eric John Voisine


Statement of Work


To develop and improve the use of our existing digital technology in order to integrate and optimize our website, SEO and integration with social media to reach a larger audience and make it easier for them to use the resources and engage in educational programs we offer.

To develop print materials to promote our education programs and the 2018 conference.


The goal of the MSU  Sage-ing project is to develop a marketing plan and to implement strategies to promote our programs and conference and to expand our social media and website presence that has already been established by Sage-ing International.

We will develop a campaign that will drive more people to the website and to our live and online events and help to make the website, FaceBook and Constant Contact campaigns more dynamic and integrated with regard to the following;

  1. Promotion of the biennial conference occurring in October of 2018 with images and video reviews.
  2. Increase Calendar and description of current live and online educational offerings (including webinars) of S.I. and partner organizations such as Conscious Eldering Network and Spirituality & Practice.
  3. CSL activities including workshop listings and registration and continuing education opportunities.
  4. Blog posts and other S.I. member creative contributions
  5. Service oriented projects location, goals and contact information

Project Goals and Deliverables:

Develop a strategy that integrates website and Constant Contact campaigns with social media on an ongoing basis in order to drive people to the web site as well as increase our data base and attendance at events.

Review and recommend modifications to the existing website to make navigation easier for older adults and serve as the virtual community Town Hall meeting place.

Develop a better understanding of best practices in timing and frequency of event notifications through Constant Contact with the goal of reaching greater audiences.

Work on the development of print materials to promote local education programs.

Create a two minute video template that highlights learning, community and service as it relates to the Sage-ing mission and the biennial conference

Stake holders: 

Jerome Kerner Co- Chair S.I. contact person

Maryanne Ingenthron, Co-Chair and Website coordinator

Brian McCaffrey Social Media

Al Rider IT coordinator

Phase             comm.       plan/sched website        social media          video         conf. mktg/ sponsors

Charlotte HO__________________

Qian Zhangq________________________

Monica Tran_____________________

Eric John Voisin______________________

Benefit and Risk Evaluation:

  • Marketing plan developed to utilized digital and print media to promote Sage-ing International’s educational programs, mission and outreach, service projects and biennial conference in October 2018
  • Website  and constant contact improvements implemented and event promotions integrated with expanded social media opportunities
  • increase the S.I. data base with the immediate impact of  increased conference attendance.
  • To achieve these ends while maintaining the look and feel of Sage-ing familiar to the existing membership and to the traditions that were begun by it’s founder Reb Zalman Schachter Shalome.

Assumptions and constraints:

Budgetary constraints

Time constraints

Expertise constraints