It’s a new year and we are living in the midst of historic cultural, political and environmental turmoil. As Service Committee members, we queried: How can we be of service to one another in our Sage-ing community?  How can we live into our tagline “wisdom and spirit in action” in these dangerous times? We decided to practice our qualities of Sages in Service and offer monthly words of inspiration and empowerment to nourish your spirit, encourage you to tap into your wisdom and invite your compassionate action.

As a Mom and Oma, educator and minister, I try to be a spiritual activist balancing inner growth and responsible activism.  My daily spiritual practices include times of meditation in gratitude and silence and walks (or on skis) to wonder reverently at the beauty of nature. But I think these times call us to greater acts of service, speaking with a moral elder voice for the welfare of all people. 

Today with so much hatred, intolerance and violence, I believe elder voices are needed to speak truth to power.  You may shy away from being an elder activist but here’s a way to let your voice be heard. My 90-year old neighbor told me about which is an excellent website that makes it easy to call our elected representatives.  So I’ve added a new spiritual practice to my daily routine.  Five calls a day. Will it make a difference in our democracy?  In the future of our country, I’m not sure.  In the part of my spirit where injustice is tearing a hole, I think it will.

Take to heart these words by Elizabeth Alexander:

“…Praise song for struggle, praise song for the day. 

Praise song for every hand-lettered sign, 

the figuring-it-out at kitchen tables. 

Some live by love thy neighbor as thyself, 

others by first do no harm or take no more 

than you need.    What if the mightiest word is love?” 

Let’s find ways to be love and to serve every day, Sage-ing friends!

Pat Hoertdoerfer, Service Committee chair


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  1. Jerome Kerner February 12, 2017 at 1:23 PM

    Pat, An inspirational message and one that can accommodate a variety of levels of activism. Please thank your 90 year old neighbor for the info should be on every elder bookmark list. Jerome

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