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A six-part interactive online event sponsored by Sage-ing®International for participants who have completed an Awakening the Sage Within (ASW) Workshop

The Program: 

ASW gave you a taste of Sage-ing, an introduction to what life can be as a vital and engaged elder in today’s world.

Now , Continuing the Sage-ing Journey (CSJ) provides the next steps. The CSJ series builds on each of the Sage-ing core topics; Images of Aging, Life Review, Forgiveness, Facing Mortality, Legacy, and Service. CSJ invites you to dive deeper in these nutrient rich waters, exploring with different leaders, your memories, experiences, thoughts and feelings.

Expect your elder wisdom to grow and deepen as you continue your journey. As Heraclitus wisely observed, you cannot step into the same river twice; both the river and you keep flowing and changing. We learn by spiraling, though each loop of the spiral returns us to the same place, it also lifts us up to a different level of insight. Our CSJ facilitators will offer different perspectives and a variety of learning activities to support you on your sage-ing path.

Although Continuing the Sage-ing Journey – like all Sage-ing offerings – is deeply spiritual work, the materials are not specific to any faith-based community. Our offerings serve to enhance spiritual maturity for persons who embrace any faith or humanistic practice. This workshop has its roots in the ground-breaking work of Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, best exemplified in his classic book: From Age-ing to Sage-ing: A Profound New Vision of Growing Older

Certified Faculty

Georgeanna Tryban, CSL

Georgeanna Tryban, CSL

Indianapolis, IN

Caroline Blackwell

Caroline Blackwell, CSL

Washington D.C.

Pat Hoertdoefer, CSL

New Hampton, NH

Mary Porter, CSL

Mary Porter, CSL

Birmingham, AL

Ina Albert, CSL

Whitefish, MT

Webinar Dates and Time:

Tuesdays, March 26 through April 30, 2019

7-9 pm EST/4-6 pm PST

Workshop Titles:

March 26: Unmasking the Power of Aging

April 2:        You Are the Hero of the Hero’s Journey

April 9:        Forgiving and Receiving: The Tao of Breathing Life into

Troubled Relations

April 16:       Compassionate Living, Conscious Aging, Graceful Dying

April 23:       Live and Learn! And Pass it On: Legacy Now

April 30:       Being of Service: the Mystic and the Activist

Registration Fee:

US-$100, payable globally by either major credit card or PayPal, includes all six interactive online workshops, materials provided to you via email. Each individual participates through a separate webcam-equipped digital device with internet capability (computer, tablet, smartphone). A second registrant at the same email address can register as a “guest,” but must have a separate digital device.

Registration deadline: March 19, 2019


Contact Rosemary Cox, SI Education Coordinator, at 574-386-1962 or rmzestcox@yahoo.com