Thank you to our Donors!

Sage-ing International 2018 Donors

Sage-ing International could not exist without the generous financial support of its members. While membership in SI is free, we do periodically ask for donations to support the work of our organization. Here is a listing of those who have pledged or donated to SI for 2018. You may make a donation to SI on the website donations page, where you will nd a number of options for giving. Thank you for your generosity!

Visionary Level

Trish and Jim Black   |  Lynn Bledsoe and Bill Ryan   |  Charlotte and Gary Carlson

Builder Level

Bob Atchley |   Anne Boynton and Martin Halper  |   Pat and Manfred Hoertdoerfer  |   Sue and John Sorensen  |   Quinton Wacks

Sustainer Level

Anonymous  |   Elizabeth and Patrick Bell  |   Gail Braverman  |   Linda Cronk  |   Judith Helburn  |   Marvin Israelow  |   Charlotte Jones-Carrol  |   Ron Kearns

Pat Lewis  |   Anne Murray  |   Al Rider   |  Jeanie Robinson  |   John Robinson

Supporter Level 1

Carol Scott- Kassner  |   Mary Anne Ingenthron  |  Don Adams  |   Jann Freed  |  Maureen Dobson  |   Eric Ferm 

 Jerome Kerner   |  Sue Ellen Klein  |  Charles Warren  |  Oliver Beaudette  |   Susan and Robert Benjamin  |   Beth Conaghan  |   Lori Danzig  |   

Thomas Dayton  |   Charlene Depner  |   Robert Gubrud  |   Brian Jones  |   Janice Low 

Jeanne Marsh  |   Dorian Mintzer  |   Lynn Moore  |   Meg Newhouse  |   Ron Pevny  |   Edna Ross   |  Sue Schechter   |  Lee Ryan, in honor of Lynn Bledsoe

Ardy Verhaegen  |   Karen West

Supporter Level 2

Anonymous  |   Barbara Callie  |   Joanna DeSanto  |   John Ferris  |   Judith Francis  |   Susan Freiband  |   Norma Ganderson  }   Davida Gendel

Will Hegeman  |   Nancy Gray-Hemstock  |   Rich Kessler  |   Barbara Klodt  |   Catherine Loveland   |  Joanne Mahler   |  Elizabeth Maier, in honor of Della and Lee Stover

Roger Meiller  |   Rosemary Zuck Mummer  |  t Sandra Pruzansky  |   Felice Rhiannon  |   Jacqueline Roberts  |   Linda Smith

Connie Goldman Scholarship Endowment Fund Donors

We are most appreciative of all those who have supported our Honored Sage Connie Goldman by donating to the Connie Goldman Scholarship Endowment Fund. The donations are invested and the income from the investments will be used each year to provide scholarships to those who need a little help to participate in Sage-ing activities. You may make a donation to the Connie Goldman Fund on the website donations page. Our sincere thank you to all the following donors!


Charlotte and Gary Carlson


Bob Atchley  |   Ruth Bachman  |   Joyce Cohen  |   Rick Mitz  |   Joyce Newman


Anne Boynton  |   Jann Freed  |   Judith Helburn  |   Carol Scott-Kassner  |   Sally and Richard Leider

Marianne Muellerleille  |   Sue and John Sorensen

Supporter, Level 1

Dianne Corcoran   |  Meg Newhouse

Thomas Warth  |  William Tilton  |  Leonard Felder   |  Jeannette Ferrary  |   Robert Rosenberg

Marvin Tolkin  |  Anonymous  |   Kenneth Brummel-Smith   |  Janet Tunick  |  Don Adams

Laurie Hersch  |   Jan Hively  |   Gail Hunt  |   Helen Kivnick

Supporter, Level 2

Richard Ambrosius  |   Candace Barret  |  t Birk Wanda Brown   |  Thomas Cole  |   Helen Dennis

Georgia and Mel Duncan  |   Christopher Ellis  |  Patricia Fuller  |   Kevin McKiernan  |   Ella Mogilevsky

Carol Orsborn  |   Edwin Pittock  |  Jr   Rosenfeld  |   Connie Siskowski  |   Robert Tilsen  |   Sandra Timmerman

Lois Wagh  |   James Weil   |  Patricia Zalaznik