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Reb Zalman Leadership Awardees

 Reb Zalman Leadership Awards are given to people within the Sage-ing movement for outstanding leadership and  service to the organization.  They have been awarded every other year at our biennial conference since 2010. Congratulations to the following recipients.

2016 Recipients of Reb Zalman Leadership Award

Anne BoyntonAnne Boynton initially served on the Board of Sage-ing International as a liaison to the Council of Honored Sages.  She was also crucial in planning the 2012 and 2014 conferences.  She assumed the chairmanship of Sage-ing International in 2014 and served for two years in that role.   In addition, she chaired the 2016 conference.   Anne supported expansion of the educational outreach of Sage-ing and held the torch for many new ideas. She did all of this with remarkable graciousness.

Pat Hoertdoerfer was an early Chair of the Board of the Sage-ing Guild. She wrote our Ethics statement and has been a visionary member of the Service Committee, helping to develop the Sages in Service model.   She has also served on the Nominating Committee and various other ad hoc committees, bringing her outstanding organizational and leadership abilities to our work.

Ron Pevny is renowned for his work in conscious aging and elder rites of passage under his own business, the Center for Conscious Eldering.  He leads retreats for elders based on the inner work of aging.  He has served on the SI Coordinating Circle and currently serves on the Outreach Committee.  He created and led the Conscious Aging Alliance for a number of years.  In addition he helped to envision Awakening the Sage Within, a one-day introduction to Sage-ing.   Recently he has published a book on conscious aging and led two highly successful international, multi-day dialogues about successful aging on the Shift Network.

2014 Recipients of Reb Zalman Leadership Award

Pat Lewis served on the initial board of the Sage-ing Guild as Treasurer. She has been a tireless recruiter for Sage-ing and is a renowned teacher of Sage-ing along the West Coast, co-facilitating many Sage-ing Intensive workshops.   She has willingly served on various ad hoc committees to move the organization forward.

Carol Scott-Kassner served as Chair of Sage-ing International from 2011 to 2013.  She structured the long-range planning process and led a retreat in 2013 to begin to implement that.  She served for many years as co-faculty for the training of Certified Sage-ing Leaders.   She chaired the highly successful 2014 Sage-ing International Conference in Seattle, Gifting the World as We Age.   She has served on many ad hoc committees when asked, helping carry forward the important work of Sage-ing.

Paul SeverencePaul Severance has served as Chair and Treasurer of the Board of Sage-ing International.  He helped to develop the Membership Committee of the Sage-ing Guild, advocating for increased support of Wisdom Circles and Sage-ing Chapters.   Paul has most recently served as Administrator for Sage-ing International, managing the budget and other organizational dimensions of our work.  He has more recently demonstrated his commitment to the principles of Sage-ing through his leadership of Elders Climate Action.

2012 Recipients of Reb Zalman Leadership Award

Rosemary Cox has served as a trainer for Sage-ing Circle Facilitators and Certified Sage-ing Leaders for many years.  She developed and implemented the Sage-ing Circle Facilitator program as well as online Sage-ing courses.   She has served as Chair of the Education Committee and currently is Education Program Coordinator.

Maureen Dobson served for several years as Chair of the Education Committee and as CSL Training Coordinator, where she helped organize and oversee training classes.  She has been a visionary leader throughout her years of Sage-ing service.

2010 Recipients of Reb Zalman Leadership Award

Gary Carlson was co-creator of the Sage-ing Guild (now Sage-ing International) in 2004 and has served in leadership positions from its inception, providing important organizational and leadership stability.  He was Chair of the Board (Coordinating Circle) twice and served as Treasurer for several years.   He was co-faculty for the training program for a number of years.  He chaired the 2010 Sage-ing Guild Conference at Sunrise Ranch.  He has been Chair of the Outreach Committee and the Development Committee. Gary always willingly jumps in to perform tasks large and small.

Judith HelbrunJudith Helburn was on the initial Board of the Sage-ing Guild, serving a year as Chair.   She was the initial CSL Training Coordinator and has contributed deeply to the structure for certifying Sage-ing Leaders.   Her ongoing contribution is to develop and produce the quarterly Sage-ing Newsletter, The Communicator.

Rosalie Muschel-Reinhardt (deceased) was co-creator of the Sage-ing Guild and served on the initial Board, helping to develop the organizational structure.  She served as an early Chair of the Guild.  Rosalie chaired the Education Committee for years and was central to formulating the standards for CSL training.  She was deeply devoted to Reb Zalman and to continuing his legacy through the training.  She was a brilliant Sage-ing teacher.