For Sage-ing International Information:

Our Mailing Address: 6100 4th Street NW Suite A, Box 270, Albuquerque, NM 87107

*about Sage-ing International’s Coordinating Circle  contact CoChair Jerome Kerner at j.kerner@sage-ing.org or Marilyn Loy Every at m.loyevery@sage-ing.org.

*Our Treasurer,  Georgeanna Tryban at g.tryban@sage-ing.org

Our Team Leaders about activities and how to get involved:

Education Team contact Don Adams at d.adams@sage-ing.org

Marketing/Outreach Team contact Mary Anne Ingenthron at m.ingenthron@sage-ing.org

Technology/Webinar Team contact Gayle Dee at g.dee@sage-ing.org

Service Team contact Cindy Siemers at c.siemers@sage-ing.org

Development/Fundraising Team and Wisdom Circles  contact Gary Carlson at g.carlson@sage-ing.org

Ritual Team contact Elizabeth Bell at e.bell@sage-ing.org

Partnerships/Networks Team contact Raines Cohen at r.cohen@sage-ing.org

Our Coordinators

*our Education Programs Coordinator, contact Rosemary Cox at r.cox@sage-ing.org

*our Technology/Webinar Coordinator, contact Alan Rider at  a.rider@sage-ing.org

*our  Sage-ing Certification Program Coordinator, contact Jeanne Marsh at  j.marsh@sage-ing.org

*our Administrator, contact Karen Clementi at admin@sage-ing.org

For other  information contact us here: info@sage-ing.org.