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A message from Connie!

It is a privilege to be an Honored Sage in an organization that has been so inspiring and informative for me.  I am humbled and deeply honored by the establishment of the Connie Goldman Scholarship Endowment Fund.  I hope this fund will support individuals who have a passion to explore their inner growth and spiritual selves.

As both my work and private life have been influenced by the stories of others, I’m grateful that a source of such inspiration and comfort has come from a variety of conversations and encounters with many in the Sage-ing community.  The Sage-ing philosophy has nourished and nurtured, for me, a growing depth of meaning as I move through my later years. 

One never knows how a loss or change in circumstances can become an opportunity for growth and new depth as we explore our inner selves.  As we let go of some of the connections and encounters in our life, the opportunity arises for exploration of our inner selves, that have been “put on the shelf” while living the busy lives of our younger years. The Sage-ing group brings an inspiration and a challenge to experience a new growth available inside of ourselves. 

I am so very appreciative for the encouragement and support I have received from the Sage-ing community that has kept me open to new and deeper learning.  I am excited and hopeful that the Scholarship Endowment Fund will encourage others to accept the opportunity to explore their deeper individual spiritual learning.

New Connie Goldman Scholarship Endowment Fund!

Connie, a member of our Council of Honored Sages, has contributed to Sage-ing International in so many ways.  Now Sage-ing International  wants to help Connie celebrate her 86 years of life experience by creating the Connie Goldman Scholarship Endowment Fund to honor her many contributions to the fields of positive and conscious aging.  The Fund will recognize our great appreciation to Connie Goldman for her long-time support for SI. 

Donors can contribute  to this fund as a way to thank Connie for all of the wisdom she has shared through her numerous books and presentations exploring the positive aspects of aging.  Income from the fund will be used to further the educational mission of Sage-ing International by providing annual scholarship assistance for SI-sponsored workshops, training programs and conferences. 

Connie, you have GLOWED for Sage-ing International!  Please let this Connie Goldman Scholarship Endowment Fund reflect our gratitude to you for the light you have shone on so many for so long. 

Thank you in advance for considering giving Connie a birthday present by making a donation to the Connie Goldman Scholarship Endowment Fund.  Your donation is tax-deductible.