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Who’s who in Sage-ing International?

Coordinating Circle–SI’s Board of Directors

The activities of  Sage-ing International are defined, developed and facilitated by the Coordinating Circle (CC), a seven to eleven person Board of Directors. The members of the CC volunteer their time and talents to ensure that all SI members have the needed support to develop and promote their own sage-ing practices.  Meet our CC here.

Council of Honored Sages

Comprised of well-known professionals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in relating to elders and the aging process, members of the Council of Honored Sages serve as the “wise Elders” of Sage-ing International, and are called upon from time to time to lend their vision to its growth and development.  Meet our Honored Sages here.

Sage-ing Awards

Sage-ing International periodically presents awards to those who have made a particular contribution to Sage-ing through their leadership.  The awards include the Reb Zalman Leadership Awards and the Pioneer Awards.  Meet our awardees on these two pages.