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Sage-ing International is dedicated to helping elders reclaim their role as leaders, sharing wisdom and spirit essential to creating a better world for current and future generations


Sage-ing International is a nonprofit organization committed to transforming the current paradigm of aging to sage-ing through learning, service and community.

  • Learning: We share the Sage-ing® philosophy worldwide by providing workshops, conferences, webinars, and publications for the public and we train a network of Sage-ing® Leaders through the CSL certification program.
  • Service:  We encourage and support elders in serving their families, communities, and others around the world.
  • Community: We provide opportunities for individuals on their sage-ing journeys to share and connect with others through  interactive opportunities that include chapter programs and wisdom circles. We collaborate with the Conscious Aging Alliance member groups and others who share our vision.


  • Respect:  We bring an attitude of respect by affirming the worth of self and others, caring for all living things, and practicing stewardship of planet earth.
  • Integrity:  We honor the truth of our journey by practicing deep listening while pursuing justice and peaceful engagement in our relationships.
  • Lifelong Learning:  We choose to grow spiritually, intellectually, creatively and emotionally based on our yearning for wholeness.