Principles and Practices of Sage-ing


  • Understanding the myths about aging in our culture
  • Developing alternative paradigms
  • Addressing our own fears about aging
  • Honoring elders who have gone before us

Life Review

  • Taking the long view
  • Examing the ups and downs of our lives
  • Recognizing the lessons learned
  • Telling our story, passing on our legacy

Life Repair

  • In health
  • In relationships and between generations
  • By reaching into the past and offering release and healing
  • Through forgiveness work with release from vindictiveness
  • By finding the pearls in the anxious memories


Paying attention to our

  • body
  • feelings
  • mind
  • spirit

To be guided by them, maintaining them in the right tone, mood and attitude.


  • Doing the philosophical homework by raising questions about the purpose and the meaning of our lives.  Where do I fit in?
  • Doing this nobly in connection to the inner, actualized self, already realized, individuated and complete.


  • Overcoming the desire to stay in denial of aging
  • Coming to terms with our mortality
  • Dealing with life completion
  • Taking care of practical matters including wills and trusts
  • Preparing for a serene death and afterlife


Serving as an elder to others as:

  • guide
  • mentor
  • agent of healing and reconciliation

on behalf of the planet, the nation, and the family by being a wisdom keeper.

 Who Are Elders

⇒ Elders are people demonstrating wisdom in its active state.

⇒Elders are a natural resource who liberate, heal and empower others.

⇒Elders access a balance of masculine and feminine energy in the psyche.

Elder’s Roles Include:


  • Elders celebrate life by maintaining a sense of humor, taking care of themselves and taking pride in their good health.
  • Elders harvest what they have sown over a long lifetime.
  • Elders are a source of blessing.
  • Elders initiate others and affirm them through unconditional positive regard.


  • Elders are still learning, still growing.
  • Elders have come to terms with their mortality.
  • Elders share their long life experience by being accessible to the young.


  • Elders are stewards, caretakers of both man and the Earth.
  • Elders view all life as interconnected, as one.


Acquiring the skills for working on the inside by

  • practicing journaling
  • meditation
  • imaginal exercises
  • spiritual intimacy, creating safe and sacred space with spiritual partners

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