Membership in Sage-ing International

The strength of Sage-ing International (SI) is in its membership–persons who are excited about the sage-ing way of living in the second half of life and also sage-ing leaders who teach sage-ing classes and workshops to the general public. Over three thousand persons in the United States, Canada and many other countries around the world are currently members of SI.  The educational, social and service activities of SI are primarily carried out by members who volunteer their services.  We enjoy working together!

Membership only requires that you support the vision of Sage-ing International and have an interest in learning more about and participating in our activities.  Some of our members are trained to teach sage-ing classes or workshops, but that is not necessary to become a member and be involved in our activities.

Benefits of membership include regular communications from Sage-ing International, information on available merchandise and events, and the opportunity to meet and work with other Sage-ing International members.  There is no fee to become a member.  We will periodically ask for your support, but that is voluntary and depends on your commitment to the goals and activities of Sage-ing International.  Once a member, you will remain a member unless you request that your membership be discontinued.

To become a member of Sage-ing Internationalclick here.