Thank You Volunteers and Contributors!

Sage-ing International (SI) is grateful to all who have put their hearts and souls into making this conference a success! It has been our pleasure to work with all of you and with the staff at Oak Ridge Hotel and Conference Center!

Conference Planning Teams

Conference Chair
Marilyn Loy Every

Keynote Presenters & Program
Mary Anne Ingenthron, Lead
Marilyn Loy Every
Carol Scott-Kassner
John Sorensen

Finance Coordinator
Mary Anne Ingenthron, Lead
Georgeanna Tryban, Treasurer

Proposal  Vetting
Carol Scott-Kassner
Stan Paine
Patrick Bell

Don Adams, Lead
Maureen Dobson
Charlene Depner
Jeanne Marsh

Pat Hoertdoerfer, Lead
Bob Atchley
Lynne Iser
Stan Paine
Cindy Siemers
David Rozell

Alan Rider, Lead
Brian McCaffrey

Design & Editing
Anne Boynton, Lead
Charlene Depne
Grayson Design
Jeb Design

Ritual Team
Lucia Leck, Lead
Margot Worfolk
Constance Washburn
Joyce Eckes

Jerome Kerner, Lead
Gary Carlson
Raines Cohen
Brian McCaffrey
Mary Anne Ingenthron
Al Rider

Gary Carlson, Lead

Gary Carlson, Lead

Presenter Ambassadors
Jerome Kerner, Lead

Keynote Ambassadors
Georgeanna Tryban, Lead

Enrichment Activities 
Rees Robinson, Lead
Anne Boynton
Annie Klein
Karen West
Donald Adams

Cindy Siemers,Lead
Anne Murray
Judith Helburn
Laura Fox
Will Hegeman
Bernadette Durkin
Sue Henry
Marian Eisner
Brian McCa rey

Book Exhibit
Karen West,Lead
Linda Cronk
Barb Curry

Live Auction 
Jann Freed, Lead

Aribert Munzner

SI Coordinating Circle
Mary Anne Ingenthron, Co-Chair
Jerome Kerner, Co-Chair
Georgeanna Tryban, Treasurer
Marilyn Loy Every, Secretary
Donald W. Adams
Bob Atchley
Anne Boynton
Gustavo Boog
Jann Freed
Pat Hoertdoerfer
Brian McCa rey

SI Contract Coordinators
Jeanne Marsh, CSL Coordinator
Rosemary Cox, Education Coordinator
Alan Rider, Tech/Webinar Coordinator
Karen Clementi, Administrative Coordinator
Anna Wisehart, Website Assistant

Conference Auction Contributors

Gary and Charlotte Carlson  |   Marilyn Loy Every and Bill Every  |  Pat and Manfred Hoertdoerfer  |   Jon and Mary Anne Ingenthron  |  Carol Scott-Kassner and Kirk Kassner  Ron Pevny   |  James Shields   |  John and Sue Sorensen  |   Georgeanna Tryban