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Our fifth biennial Sage-ing International conference, to be held in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, provides  the blank canvas which our inspiring presenters and planners will fill with creativity, wisdom, spirit and joy. The conference will be a work of art and creativity with contributions by every person who attends. Come share this unique opportunity to be with kindred spirits as we explore the many facets of conscious aging. Take a moment to view the diverse array of events and workshops that invite your participation. The choices are many and the subjects stimulating.

Please register soon by clicking on Conference Registration. The conference has limited space and the cost of registration will increase on September 21, 2016 (note new extended date), so make your plans today!  Partial scholarships may be available, based on need.  Contact the Registrar to apply for a partial scholarship.

After registering for the Conference, please book lodging/meals with Sunrise Ranch Reservations.   When all accommodations at Sunrise Ranch have been reserved, Sunrise Ranch will book rooms at La Quinta in Loveland, a ten-minute ride from Sunrise Ranch.  Shuttle service will be available at a reasonable one-time fee for the days of the conference.

The SI Conference Silent Auction will offer conference participants the opportunity to bid on artwork, ceramics, handmade jewelry, books (2014 to present) and services contributed by SI members and friends. To see what has been donated and to contribute items for the auction please see our  Silent Auction News page. The auction will open at 4 pm Thursday and close Saturday at 4:30.

Please join us as a Volunteer! We would appreciate your participation in the coming months, as well as during the conference, to assist with the creation of this exceptional event. You will be part of a great group of volunteers, who through their commitment of time and creativity, make the conference a reality. Contact Anne Boynton to learn more about our volunteer opportunities.

Conference Program

(click here for official Conference Program)

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Keynote Speakers and Special

GuestsEve Ilsen, “Nitty Gritty Death Songs“, Thursday evening opening, October 20
Honored Sage, Eve Ilsen will share, in her enlivening style, her songs and stories that evoke feelings of love, laughter, memory, melancholy, sadness, joy, and acceptance as she presents a cornucopia of songs about death. Eve is closely associated with Sage-ing through her collaborative work with her late husband, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi.

Sara Davidson, “Fridays with Reb Zalman, Keynote,  Friday morning, 9:00 – 10:15, October 21
Sara Davidson, author of The December Project, will describe the adventure she embarked upon with Reb Zalman, sharing weekly conversations for two years, and what they learned about coming to terms with mortality, forgiving everyone, especially oneself, and practicing the art of letting go.

Ron Pevny, “One Shining Vision, Many Empowering Approaches: Wisdom from the Transforming Aging Summits, Keynote Friday afternoon, 1:45 – 3:00, October 21
Ron Pevny, author of Conscious Living, Conscious Aging, and host of the Transforming Aging Summit with The Shift Network, will offer rich gems garnered through his 35 interviews conducted with leaders who are working to change the face of aging in today’s world.

Robert Benjamin, “Still In The Game”, Friday evening, 7:30 – 9:00, October 21
Robert Benjamin, Playwright, will present his stimulating play, Still In The Game, featuring vignettes performed by regional actors, which focus on intergenerational themes.

Robert L. Weber and Carol Orsborn, “The Spirituality of Age: A Dialogue by and for Seekers“, Keynote Saturday morning, 9:00 – 10:15, October 22
Robert Weber and Carol Orsborn, began an on-going conversation about successful aging five years ago, which they chronicle in their book, The Spirituality of Age. “What if aging were not just a problem to be solved, but a life stage with value of its own?” They will explore their questions and discoveries, sharing how it feels to be truly energized about the possibilities of our later years.

Jack Williamson, “An Intergenerational Conversation: Visioning Sage-ing for the 21st Century“, Saturday, 1:45 – 3:00, October 22
Jack Williamson, will moderate a panel with younger participants, and wise elders to discuss generational stereotypes, how we might create and model mutual mentorships, what distinctive gifts do different generations have to offer each other, and what might be the possibilities and limitations of SI as a more generationally supportive community.

Connie Goldman and Rick Moody, “The Connie and Rick Show: Aging in a Deeper Dimension,” Saturday evening, October 22
Over a period of 25 Years, Connie Goldman and Rick Moody have co-presented sessions at the American Society on Aging and other conferences. They will go back over those events in a collaborative “life review”, exploring how the themes and issues seemed to them in the past, and how they relate to them now.

Bob Atchley, Moderator, “Service Sunday Plenary and Engagement Session: Wisdom and Spirit of Service, Sunday Morning, 9:00 – 10:15, October 23
Bob Atchley will speak and sing with “wisdom and spirit” of service and invite expressions of “action” from Service Committee leaders, Pat Hoertdoerfer, John Sorensen, Cindy Siemers, David Rozell, Lynne Iser and Paul Severance. They will engage participants in the theme of the Conference Wisdom and Spirit in Action.

Jerilyn DeCoteau, Facilitator, “Roots of Injustice, Seeds of Change: Toward Right Relationship with America’s Native Peoples”, Service Workshop, Sunday afternoon, 1:45 – 3:45, October 23
Jerilyn DeCoteau, member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa in North Dakota, will facilitate this workshop designed in response to calls from Indigenous leaders at the United Nations and the World Council of Churches. The 2-hour exercise traces the historic and ongoing impacts of the Doctrine of Discovery, the 15th Century justification for European subjugation of non-Christian peoples. The goal is to raise our level of knowledge and concern about these impacts, recognize them in ourselves, and our institutions, and explore how we can begin to take actions toward “right relationship”.

Pre-Conference Workshops and Post-Conference Meeting 

Thursday, October 20: Pre-Conference Workshops

Please plan to arrive a day early to participate in the Pre-Conference Day workshops on October 20.   Register for either of the two tracks being offered.

Track 1  9:00-4:30  A full-day Sage-ing Introductory Workshop, “Awakening the Sage Within,” will be presented by Certified Sage-ing Leaders Rosemary Cox and Jerome Kerner (new leaders).  This is open to anyone who wants to learn more about the core concepts of Sage-ing.  For those interested in becoming Certified Sage-ing Leaders, this workshop qualifies as a prerequisite for the Certification program.

Track 2, 9:00-12:00  The morning session, “Sage-ing Chapters and Wisdom Circles: Support and Useful Tips for Creating Sage-ing Communities,” will be hosted by the New Mexico Chapter of Sage-ing International. Fran Anderson, Robert and Susan Benjamin, and Gary and Charlotte Carlson will share their experience and tested methods for creating and enhancing your local Wisdom Circles and Sage-ing Chapters.  This professional development workshop is for Sage-ing Leaders and other interested participants who may want to create a Circle or Chapter in their community.

Track 2, 1:30-4:30  The afternoon session, “No Regrets–Living Well and Dying Well,” will be a professional development workshop on end of life issues presented by Certified Sage-ing Leaders Gary Carlson and Charlotte Carlson.  Demonstrating a template for future SI programs to be developed on specific Sage-ing topics, it will be suitable for Sage-ing Leaders and others interested in the topic.

Monday, October 24, Post-Conference Leadership Meeting

A Post-Conference Leadership Meeting, Monday, October 24, 9:00 – 3:00, is open to all leaders who are interested in ongoing strategic planning and visioning for Sage-ing International. Your insight, experience and support are welcome and appreciated. Please contact Anne Boynton, SI Chair, for more information.

9:00-12:00:  SI Leadership Meeting – open to all

12:00-1:00: Lunch

1:00-3:00:  Continuation of Leadership meeting

3:00:  Adjourn

Main Conference Schedule

Thursday, October 20: Main Conference Opens

4:00  Silent Auction opens

Sukkot Ritual
Celebrates and Honors the Jewish Holiday, Sukkot

Presented by the Rituals Committee

6:00-7:15 Dinner

Opening Ritual
Presented by the Rituals Committee.

Performance: Honored Sage Eve Ilsen’s “Nitty Gritty Death Songs”, accompanied by Sheldon Sands, a joyous conference opening of storytelling and song.

Friday, October 21

Morning Ritual

Presented by the Rituals Committee.

Keynote: Sara Davidson: “Fridays with Reb Zalman”

“Relationships, Sexuality and Health As We Age”
Lila Terry and Dori Mintzer

“Body, Mind, and Spirit in Community”
Robin Avery

“Becoming A Vibrant Elder Activist”
Lynne Iser

“The Grieving Heart”
Joanne Turnbull

“Developing Aging and Spirituality Programs in Congregational Settings”
Stan Paine and David Rozell

“The Promised Landing:  Place Names for Navigating Our Dying Territory”
Bart Windrum

“A Rite of Passage to Elderhood: A Ceremony”
Karl Gustafson

12:00-1:30:  Lunch and free time

Keynote: Ron Pevny: “One Shining Vision, Many Empowering Approaches: Wisdom from the Transforming Aging Summits”


“The Dance of Darkness:  Lessons from the East about Suffering and Grace”
Drew Leder

“Change through Wisdom: Elders & Community Engagement”
Dave Bauer and Michaelene Dawson-Globus

“Before I Go”
Stephen Garrett

“The Legacy of Wisdom: Centering for Seniors”
Jay Goldfarb

“The Sage-ing Way: Wisdom through Creative Engagement”
Elsie Wood

“A New View:  The Spiritual Connection Between Those In Care and Their Caregiver”
Connie Goldman

“Building Bridges with Intergenerational Interviewing and Narrative”
Jill Davis

4:45-6:00:  Free Time

6:00/6:30-7:15:   Staged Dinner

Performance: Robert Benjamin “Still in the Game,” a play with regional actors in a series of vignettes on intergenerational themes.

Saturday, October 22

Morning  Ritual
Presented by the Rituals Committee.

Keynote: Carol Orsborn and Robert L. Weber, “The Spirituality of Age:  A Dialogue by and for Seekers”


“Legacies of the Heart: Living a Life That Matters”
Meg Newhouse

“Activating Our Inner GuidanceSystem”
Dhyana Raynor

“Waking Up to the Sage of Your Dreams”
Billie Ortiz

“Inter-Generational Perspectives for 21st Century Sage-ing: Building  Generational Wisdom”
Jack Williamson

“Conscious Elders in Brazil”
Gustavo Boog

“Improv Listening to Create Sacred Space”
Kathy Roberg

“Death As Homecoming: Life is the Answer”
Rabbis Nadya and Victor Gross

12:00-1:30: Lunch and Free Time

Moderator Jack Williamson and panel, “An Intergenerational Conversation: Visioning Sage-ing for the 21st Century”


“Vital Signs: The Nurture of Passion As We Age”
Gregg Levoy

“Video Conferencing: Learning, Interacting, Making a Difference”
Ellen Ervin and Lynne Beachner

“Earth As Beauty, Earth As Legacy”
Paul Severance and Ron Kearns

“What Will I Give Back?  Discerning My Gifts and Alternatives in Caring for the World”
John Robinson

“Liberation!! – – The Path of A Sage”
Marilyn Loy Every

“Using Humor to Build A Positive Mindset About Change and Aging”
Renee Rosenberg

5:15   Silent Auction closes

4:45-6:00: Free Time

6:00-7:30:  Banquet Dinner

7:30-9:30 Evening Program
Rick Moody and Connie Goldman “The Connie and Rick Show: Aging in a Deeper Dimension”

Sage-ing Awards

Music and entertainment: Bob Atchley and friends

Sunday, October 23

Morning Ritual
Presented by the Rituals Committee.

Service Sunday: “Wisdom and Spirit of Service”, Bob Atchley and members of the Service Committee

Closing Ceremony: “A Celebration of Elders”
Rituals committee

12:00-1:00:  Lunch and departure for some

Service Workshop: “ Roots of Injustice, Seeds of Change: Toward Right Relationship with America’s Native Peoples”
Jerilyn DeCoteau, Facilitator

3:45-5:30:  Free Time and departure for some


We look forward to seeing you in Colorado!  If you have further questions, please contact Anne Boynton, Conference Chair, or Gary Carlson, Conference Registrar.