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On behalf of Sage-ing International and the program team for our upcoming 2018 Global Conference, ” Elder Voices Transforming the World: Our Stories in Action!,”  we enthusiastically invite you to submit proposals for presentation workshops and activities at the Conference.

The Presentation Proposal Application is attached for your consideration; and if you wish to recommend other potential presenters, please forward this application to them, also.  The form can be downloaded… HERE.

We are preparing to welcome attendees from a wide spectrum of cultures and traditions at our Conference. Preparations include a program of engaging keynotes, presentations, workshops, interactive sessions, music and dance that will enhance our experience.

Amazing keynote speakers include Matthew Fox, Luisah Teish, Larry Long and Dorene Day. Rachel Freed, Richard Leider, and Maria Genné will also address the conference and provide an evening of interactive music and dance. For more information, click… HERE… and HERE.

We are also anticipating numerous presenters including creative thinkers, artists, educators, writers, musicians and others who are passionately active in the conscious aging movement. Presenters are key to the conference experience by sharing knowledge, engaging attendees, and creating inspiration in fostering greater good for our world and rising generations.

Our program team eagerly looks forward to reviewing Presentation Proposal Applications. Due to realities of facility space and program timing, decisions will be made to accept a number of presentations accordingly. Please note the proposal submission deadline of March 31, 2018 .
We hope you will join us in the unfolding of an amazing and transformative program!
Blessings and peace,
Marilyn Loy Every, Chair
2018 Sage-ing International Global Conference