Age-ing to Sage-ing Workbook

//Age-ing to Sage-ing Workbook

Age-ing to Sage-ing Workbook

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The Sage-ing Workbook: One of the resources you may have encountered in your Sage-ing explorations is the Spiritual Eldering Workbook previously published by SEI.

Now, Bahira Sugarman, Reb Shaya Isenberg and Lynne Iser have reviewed this Workbook (which they originally compiled in 1996) and reproduced it in a beautiful new 83-page format for Sage-ing International, with 35 photographs that greatly enhance its appearance and its effectiveness.

For group purchases, we offer six or more copies of the workbook at $14.00 per copy.

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In this book:

  • Definition of An Elder
  • The Practice of Sage-ing®
  • Sine Qua Non
  • Meditation for Elders
  • Spiritual Intimacy
  • Socialized Meditation
  • Journal Keeping
  • Approaching Elderhood
  • Our Lives as One Cycle of the Year
  • Relationship Maps: Significant People in My Life
  • Life-Time Maps: Significant Actions in My Life
  • Meditation: Exploring My Psycho-Spiritual World
  • Meditation: On My Physical Body
  • Bedtime Prayer of Forgiveness
  • Healing a Painful Memory
  • Testimonial Dinner
  • The Gift of Forgiveness:  A Gift To Our Own Selves
  • Journey to Meet Our Inner Elder
  • Checklist for Creating Peace of Mind
  • Scripting Your Last Moments on Earth
  • Philosophical Homework:  A resource for Chokmah/Wisdom
  • The Experience of Mentoring:   Intergenerational Work
  • Acting as An Elder-Sage of the Tribe
  • Starting a Sage-ing® Discussion Group


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