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Live Events/Workshops/Retreats

Sage-ing International events and local conscious aging events are good ways to learn more and to connect with like-minded people. Choose a category of events from the list below and click through to see all the events in the given category. If you prefer, scroll down the page to see a listing of upcoming events, or visit our Events Calendar page to search for events in your area.

You may also find a Chapter or Circle in your neighborhood! Visit our Chapters page or  Wisdom Circles page to learn more.

Sage-ing International Sponsored Events

Sage-ing Webinars: Live 1 hour+ presentations with panel and discussion

Awakening the Sage Within: One-day introductory Sage-ing programs

Deepening the Sage Within:  In-depth Sage-ing workshops/retreats (formerely called Sage-ing Intensive Workshops)

Professional Development:  Two paths to becoming a Sage-ing Leader

Chapters: Local community gatherings of Sage-ing International members

Other Conscious Aging Events

Conscious Aging Workshops, Retreats, Seminars:  Events addressing sage-ing principles and practices offered by CSL leaders and others committed to Conscious Aging practices

Wisdom Circles: Local gatherings of elders exploring sage-ing ideas and practices

Deepening the Sage Within Workshops (DSW) (formerly Sage-ing Intensive Workshops)

Auckland, New Zealand – April 14-15,2018, LaValla Estate, Tuakau. Jeanne Marsh, CSL will facilitate this first live Sage-ing event in Auckland, New Zealand. Jeanne coordinates the Sage-ing International Leader Certification Program for those seeking to become Sage-ing Leaders. She brings a wealth of experience in Sage-ing work to this “Deepening the Sage Within” event hosted by Veronica White. For information and to register, contact Veronica at

Danville, California – April 27-29, 2018, San Damiano Retreat Center, “How do you want to be as you grow old?” Join facilitators Mary Anne Ingenthron, CSL and Pat Lewis, CSL. Find more information and register here.

Bellevue, Washington – June 22-24, 2018, Peace and Spirituality Center. Join facilitators Pat Lewis, CSL and Rees Robinson, CSL. Find more information and register here.

Awakening the Sage Within (ASW)

McMinville, Oregon – March 3, 2018. Mike Burr, DMin, CSL brings his rich experience as a pastor, counselor and spiritual director to facilitate this day-long workshop. Space is limited, prompt registration is advised. Find more information and register here.

Brighton, UK – March 17th, 2018. Jerome Kerner, CSL will facilitate this introductory Sage-ing event at the Corner Community Center Community, Hove, East Sussex. Jerome, co-chair of Sage-ing International, brings lifelong experience and his passionate interest in finding purpose and meaning through Sage-ing. Felice Rhiannon, (a Brighton resident), spiritual counsellor and yoga therapist will assist in this presentation. Together they offer an inspiring overview of active conscious eldering. Find more information and register here.

St Paul, Minnesota – April 10, 2018. Rosemary and Roger Cox, Certified Sage-ing Leaders will co-facilitate a day long program at the Center for Lifelong Learning, on the campus of Luther Seminary. All faiths and traditions welcome. Find more information and register here.

Cape Town, South Africa – April 25 & April 26, 2018. Charlotte and Gary Carlson will facilitate two ASW events in Cape Town. Both seasoned Certified Sage-ing Leaders, they have facilitated many Sage-ing events including “Deepening the Sage Within” and “No Regrets: Living and Dying Well.” Gary has received the Reb Zalman Leadership Award and the Sage-ing Pioneer Award and is a member of Sage-ing International Council of Honored Sages. Hosted by Grace Smith, the Carlsons bring their rich combined experience to the first Sage-ing live events in Cape Town, South Africa. For information and registration contact Grace Smith at

De Pere, Wisconsin – May 5, 2018. Rosemary Cox, CSL, Education Coordinator for Sage-ing International and recipient of the Reb Zalman Leadership Award will facilitate a full day event at the Norbertine Center for Spirituality at St. Norbert Abbey. All faiths and traditions welcome. Find more information and register here.

Kansas City, Missouri – May 5, 2018. Cindy Siemers, CSL, SCF Facilitator of this introductory Sage-ing event at the “Senior Star at Wexford Place.” Cindy brings her unique experience in aging issues, spirituality and energy healing. Find more information and register here.

Longmont, Colorado – May 6, 2018. Maureen Dobson MSW, CSL and Rosemary Lohndorf, MA,CSL/ASM will co-facilitate this one-day introductory event at the Longmont Senior Center. Space is limited, prompt registration advised. Find more information and register here.

Watch for these upcoming events:

  • Portland, Oregon – David Rozell
  • Birmingham, Alabama – Mary Porter
  • Chaska, Minnesota – October 25, 201

Beyond the Basics (BtB)

St Paul Minnesota, April 11, 2018, “Finding Peace and Freedom in the Holy Process of Forgiveness.” Join Rosemary Cox, CSL for this one day workshop at the Center for Lifelong Learning on the Luther Seminary campus. Find more information and register here.