Articles and talks

We’ve compiled a list of links to articles and audio resources that offer provocative insights and ideas on life, including the second half of life.

 Recent Links to articles, films  and podcasts on aging

Long, but worth it! Living with Alzheimers.
Humorous with some “I don’t care” language: What Not to Wear After Age 50: in Adult Language.
FILMS. “Time Goes By: What it’s really Like to Get Old” offers a treasure trove of films recommended by Roni Bennett at:
A thoughtful article by Honored Sage, HR Moody, featured speaker at the SI conference,  Aging in Place: The ELEPHANT in the Room.
Dreams and aging.  “Dreams for the Second Half of Life” audio podcast interview with  HR Moody,
Fierce with age:  This summer issue is so loaded with good stuff that you need to look at the whole issue. Carol Orsborn was a featured speaker at the SI Conference.

Elder Culture Radio

TED Talks on Aging

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