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Professional Development/Certification

Sage-ing International is a non-profit organization that depends on its Sage-ing Leaders (Certified Sage-ing Leaders and Sage-ing Circle Facilitators) to help the general public learn how to live more fully and happily in the second half of life.  Sage-ing Leaders, in turn, receive their professional development from Sage-ing International or Memorial Hospital (see below), providing them with the skills to present Sage-ing programs. If you have an interest in achieving a more in-depth understanding of Sage-ing principles, and especially if you are interested in facilitating Sage-ing activities in your community, you are encouraged to participate in a professional development program.

SI recognizes two professional development programs that prepare our members to present Sage-ing events for the general public.  The development process itself helps Sage-ing International maintain a high level of quality in the learning experiences we offer.  Since the two programs are significantly different in length, cost, content and skill level after completion, you may find one to be more appropriate for you and your aspirations.

Sage-ing Leader Certification is a 12-month program conducted by Sage-ing International to develop and certify facilitators to skillfully and compassionately lead adult groups in Sage-ing work.  It is led by highly skilled Certified Sage-ing Leader faculty and individual mentors to guide participants during their internship year.  Certification provides participants with the skills, knowledge, and use of copyrighted Sage-ing materials to develop, market, and present programs on all aspects of Sage-ing through classes, workshops, and conference presentations.  Graduates carry the title of Certified Sage-ing Leader (CSL).

The Sage-ing Circle Facilitator program is a 3-day (one weekend) workshop conducted by Memorial Hospital, South Bend, IN and led by a highly skilled Certified Sage-ing Leader.  This workshop provides participants with the necessary materials and information on Sage-ing principles and the neuroscience of conscious aging.  It teaches the skills and knowledge to facilitate a scripted 12-session (2 hours each) curriculum on the core topics of Sage-ing for the general public.  Graduates, who carry the title of Sage-ing Circle Facilitator (SCF), are not approved by Sage-ing International to present other Sage-ing materials or programs.

Both CSLs and SCFs are referred to as “Sage-ing Leaders.”  It is recommended that you consider your objectives and speak with the  Coordinators of the two programs and with other Sage-ing Leaders before deciding which program would be best for you.  Many of our Sage-ing Leaders eventually attend both programs.