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Deepening the Sage Within Workshops

Whether you are brand new to sage-ing, an old friend or colleague, or interested in our certification program, Sage-ing International invites you to join an upcoming weekend Deepening the Sage Within Workshop, formerly called Sage-ing Intensive workshop in which we will review sage-ing philosophy, tools and practices.

Sage-ing is a new approach to growing older. Our culture can present a view of aging that marginalizes us as we grow older and wiser. We are pressured to disguise the visible signs of aging, to replace respectful terms for elders with ageist euphemisms, and to retreat to the edges of life in order to make room for younger people.

Sage-ing provides skills, philosophies, perspectives, and tools to improve the second half of life not by trying to pretend we are not growing older, but by recognizing the value of experience and responding in practical, positive ways to the changes in our lives.

Sage-ing Intensive workshops provide further opportunities to explore the qualities of sage-ing and to harvest life experiences leading to further growth throughout our lives.

Intensives also meet the prerequisite for application to our Sage-ing Leader Certification program. The training program ensures that Sage-ing leaders are well grounded in the principles of sage-ing. For more information about the upcoming Intensive Workshops SI’s Education Coordinator.

For more information regarding the upcoming Sage-ing Leader Certification Program, contact Jeanne Marsh or Download the Sage-ing Certification Program Brochure.

Upcoming workshops:

Auckland, New Zealand – April 14-15,2018, LaValla Estate, Tuakau. Jeanne Marsh, CSL will facilitate this first live Sage-ing event in Auckland, New Zealand. Jeanne coordinates the Sage-ing International Leader Certification Program for those seeking to become Sage-ing Leaders. She brings a wealth of experience in Sage-ing work to this “Deepening the Sage Within” event hosted by Veronica White. For information and to register, contact Veronica at

Danville, California – April 27-29, 2018, San Damiano Retreat Center, “How do you want to be as you grow old?” Join facilitators Mary Anne Ingenthron, CSL and Pat Lewis, CSL. Find more information and register here.

Bellevue, Washington – June 22-24, 2018, Peace and Spirituality Center. Join facilitators Pat Lewis, CSL and Rees Robinson, CSL. Find more information and register here.