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For Sage-ing International Information:

*about our Education Programs and Workshops, contact Rosemary Cox here.

*about our Webinars and technology questions, contact Alan Rider here.

*about our Certified Sage-ing Leaders program, contact Jeanne Marsh here.

*about the 2018 Sage-ing International Conference, contact Marilyn Loy Every here.

* about Wisdom Circles, contact Gary Carlson here.

*about donations and sponsorship opportunities, contact Gary Carlson here.

*about Marketing contact co Chair Jerome Kerner here.

*about Sage-ing International’s Coordinating Circle and the website contact CoChair Mary Anne Ingenthron here.

For other  information contact Paul Severance here:

Sage-ing International
PO Box 554
Beech Grove IN 46107-1122

Phone: 317-788-7795

Please contact us with your  comments and questions:

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