Sage-ing: A New Way of Aging

Sage-ing is looking at life in a new way as we grow older, a spiritual practice that involves harvesting the wisdom of our lives, transmitting that wisdom as a legacy to future generations and giving back through service. Learn more hereSage-ing International (SI) offers classes, webinars,  Wisdom Circles and Sage-ing Chapters as well as online resources, conferences and workshops.

Goldman celebrates 86 years of life experience

Happy Birthday, Connie! 

Click on image to hear Connie’s Words of Wisdom!

As your life reminds us, “Don’t count the candles on the cake.  But count the GLOW the candles make.”  

Connie, a member of Sage-ing International’s  Council of Honored Sages, has contributed in so many ways.  

Connie has a favorite quote that she says has shaped the direction of her work and what she views as her legacy:  “Facts illustrate, but stories illuminate.” Read her story in her own words here

She is an award-winning radio producer and reporter beginning her broadcast career with Minnesota Public Radio.  Later she worked for several years on the staff of National Public Radio in Washington D.C.

For the past 30 years her public radio programs, books, and speaking have been exclusively concerned with the changes and challenges of aging.  Connie became aware that the United States culture seemed to be obsessed with staying young and denying the aging process. Her explorations led her into conversations with many public figures on a variety of issues related to aging, as well as collecting interviews with hundreds of what she has labeled, “extra-ordinary ordinary older persons.” 

Her lifelong gift has been the intuitive ability to authentically ask the deeper questions and her compassionate listening brings gems of wisdoms to her listening and reading audience. Listen to Connie’s own words of wisdom in a film clip from David Carey’s new documentary  “Creating a New Old.” 

Now SI wants to help Connie celebrate her 86 years of life experience by creating the Connie Goldman Scholarship Endowment Fund to honor her many contributions to the fields of positive and conscious aging. Get more information here.

Connie, you have GLOWED for Sage-ing International!  Please let this endowment fund reflect our gratitude to you for the light you have shone on so many for so long. 

Where do I start?

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New documentary about Sage-ing

Download David Carey’s  film  “Creating a New Old” to learn more about what sage-ing is all about.

Transforming Aging Summit registration open

We are  pleased to  announce Shift Network’s free online Transforming Aging Summit, March 7-9.  Ron Pevny, Sage-ing Leader and Director of the Center for Conscious Eldering, interviews 18 leaders whose wisdom offers an empowering vision for aging in todays’ world.
Sage-ing International members register here.

Service Call to Action

SI’s Service committee offers monthly inspiration encouraging compassionate action in these times. Read Pat Hoertdoerfer’s call here.

Next Webinar, March 29, 5 pm

Presented by Dorian Mintzer, PHD: “Embrace your Bonus Years: A Time to Learn, Grow and Evolve,”  a Sage-ing International webinar.  Register here

Bob Atchley’s New CD

Find Honored Sage Bob Atchley’s new “sage-ing” journey music  here.

Upcoming “SI”  Webinars, Workshops & Retreats


March 29, 5-6:30 pm(EST): “Embrace your Bonus Years: A Time to Learn, Grow and Evolve,”  Dorian Mintzer, PhD. Register here

April 20,  5-6:30 pm(EST)The Sacred Work of Being Love in an Anxious World,” Marilyn Loy Every, CSL, DMin, MA, MS.

Sage-ing Intensive Workshops

May 6-7: “Aging with Spirit:”  Center for Applied Judaism, NY, Register here.

May 19-21: “Aging with Wisdom:”  Mercy Center, Auburn, CA, Register here.

Awakening the Sage Within 

March 11, St. John’s on the Lake, Milwaukee, WI, Register here.

March 18, Longmont Senior Center,  Longmont, CO, Register here.

April 19: Center for Lifelong Learning,  St. Paul, MI,  Register here.


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Conscious Age-ing is about giving back, providing service, mentoring. See what Sages in Service are doing.




Sage-ing International is committed to transforming the current paradigm of  aging to “sage-ing”  through  learning, community building and service.

With a confidence born from harvesting life experience and with a humility that sees service as the natural result of continued inner growth, we find ways to serve every day. This generosity of spirit elicits joy in human relations, while positively benefiting the communities and cultures we serve.

  • We embrace new paradigms for aging to realize our potential.
  • We recall important people and events and how they have shaped us.
  • We harvest the wisdom learned through life’s triumphs and challenges.
  • We find solace in forgiving others and ourselves
  • We make peace with death, taking spiritual and practical steps
  • We create a legacy through service, mentoring and activism

Is Sage-ing for You?

Are you in the second half of life and wondering what to do next? Have you just retired, have you recently become an empty-nester or has some other life transition left you wondering “what’s next?” Sage-ing may be your answer!

Sage-ing engages curiosity, community, commitment and connections and encourages us to enrich ourselves and our world through serving a cause, contacting a friend, reading a good book, attending a class, or enjoying the beauty and wonder of nature.

Embracing a sage-ing way of life may be the most important thing you do for yourself (and for others in your life) this year.

Here we share wisdom and inspiring stories from the Sage-ing International community, as well as from other partners in the rich collective of the conscious aging field. We aspire to bring you changing content of interest that keeps you coming back for more!

Meet Reb Zalman

Meet Reb Zalman and learn about Sage-ing and Conscious Aging principles.

Qualities of Sages in Service

With a confidence born from harvesting life experience and a humility that sees service as the natural result of continued inner growth, we find ways to serve everyday. This generosity of spirit elicits joy in human relations while positively benefiting the communities and cultures we serve. More about these here

  • Deep Listening
  • Compassion
  • Joyfulness
  • Peacefulness
  • Open Communication
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Inclusivenss
  • Integrity
  • Reverance for Life
  • Respect

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