Sage-ing: A New Way of Aging

Sage-ing is looking at life in a new way as we grow older, a spiritual practice that involves harvesting the wisdom of our lives, transmitting that wisdom as a legacy to future generations and giving back through service. Learn more hereSage-ing International (SI) offers workshops, webinars, Wisdom Circles and Sage-ing Chapters as well as online resources and conferences.

Connie Goldman Headlines June 20 Webinar

Honored Sage Connie Goldman will  discuss her new book, Wisdom from Those in Care: Conversations, Insights and Inspiration, a companion to The Gifts of Caregiving: Stories of Hardship, Hope and Healing.  Connie will be interviewed by Sage-ing pioneer Judith Helburn who will also explore Connie’s days as a PBS correspondent and co-host of “All Things Considered,” and the wealth of “stories” she has collected over the years. Click on Connie’s image to hear her words of wisdom!

Connie’s message is clear: “Any time of life can be an opportunity for new learning, exploring creative pursuits, self-discovery, spiritual deepening, and continued growth.”   Register here to sign up for the June 20, 5 pm EST live webinar to hear Connie Goldman tell her amazing story.

Connie Goldman Endowment Fund Launched

To honor Connie for her many contributions to Sage-ing and Conscious Aging and to celebrate her 86 years of life experience, Sage-ing International has established the Connie Goldman Scholarship Endowment Fund.  Once the fundraising goal is reached, the income earned on the principle will be used to further the educational mission of Sage-ing International by providing scholarship assistance for SI-sponsored workshops, training programs and conferences.  To learn more about how to acknowledge and give a gift of gratitude to Connie for all she has shared with us, please click here.

The response from the Conscious Aging community has been positive and  we are  grateful for the contributions received to date.

Connie has shared these words with us, and we pass them on to you, “I am humbled and deeply honored by the establishment of the Connie Goldman Scholarship Endowment Fund.  I am excited and hopeful that (it) will encourage others to accept the opportunity to explore their deeper spiritual learning.”

Connie is a member of  SI’s Council of Honored Sages, and has contributed her wisdom, wise counsel and support to SI for many years.  She has been a keynote and participating speaker at our 2012, 2014 and 2016 biennial conferences, and always brings her experience, deep awareness of the issues of aging, and that “twinkle in her eye” humor that endears her to us all.

She is an award-winning radio producer and reporter beginning her broadcast career with Minnesota Public Radio.  Later she worked for several years on the staff of National Public Radio in Washington D.C.  For the past 30 years her public radio programs, books, and speaking have been exclusively concerned with the changes and challenges of aging.

Connie has a favorite quote that she says has shaped the direction of her work and what she views as her legacy: “Facts illustrate, but stories illuminate.” Read Connie’s story in her own words here.  Her lifelong gift has been the intuitive ability to authentically ask the deeper questions and her compassionate listening brings gems of wisdom to those who hear and read her reflective words.

Hear Connie express her thoughts on life as one grows older and her gratitude for the opportunity to be an elder in David Carey’s new documentary “Creating a New Old.”  As she so aptly shares, “It’s a gift to get to live a long life.”

Where do I start?

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Hear SI Co-Chair Jerome Kerner’s Radio Interview

Jerome was recently interviewed by Frank Newton and Patti Teal of Everyday Enlightenment out of Sedona about Sage-ing while Aging.  Listen here.

Service Call to Action

SI’s Service committee offers monthly inspiration encouraging compassionate action in these times. Read Bob Atchley’s call here and Pat Hoertdoerfer’s call here.

Apply now for 2017 CSL Certification Program

We are now accepting applications for the 2017 -2018 Sage-ing Leader Certification Program. The initial training weekend is scheduled to take place at Techny Towers (near Chicago/O’Hare) October 12-15, 2017. If you are interesting in joining the next group of Interns, please complete an application or contact Jeanne Marsh for more information.

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If you shop through  Amazon  you can make your purchases through Amazon Smile which in turn gives a percentage of your purchases back to our organization at no additional cost to you. Simply go here and select Sage-ing International as your charity and then make future purchases through Amazon Smile. Thank you. 

Bob Atchley’s New CD

Find Honored Sage Bob Atchley’s new “sage-ing” journey music  here.

Qualities of Sages in Service

With a confidence born from harvesting life experience and a humility that sees service as the natural result of continued inner growth, we find ways to serve everyday manifesting these qualities in our service. More about these here

  • Deep Listening
  • Compassion
  • Joyfulness
  • Peacefulness
  • Open Communication
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Inclusiveness
  • Integrity
  • Reverence for Life
  • Respect

Upcoming SI Webinars, Workshops & Retreats


June 20, “Wisdom From Those in Care: Conversations, Insights, and Inspirations,” a discussion with Honored Sage Connie Goldman about her new book. Find more information and register here.

Sage-ing Intensive Workshops (SIW)

June 23-24, “Aging with Wisdom” Center for Aging and Community, University of Indianapolis. Register here.

October 13-15, “Aging with Wisdom” Peace and Spirituality Center, Bellvue, WA. Register here.

Coming Fall 2017 – Boulder Colorado

Awakening the Sage Within (ASW)

June 17, Center for Applied Judaism, New York, NY,  Jerome Kerner, facilitator. Register here.

August 17, Winter Park, Florida, Chuck Warren, CSL,  facilitator. Register here.

September 13 – October 18,  six weekly sessions, presented by OLLI, North Carolina State, Raleigh, NC. Don Adams, CSL, facilitator. Register here starting July 24.

October 14, Oxford, England, Quaker Meeting House,  Jerome Kerner, CSL,  facilitator. Registration information  coming soon.

Coming Fall 2017:  Longmont, CO, Kansas City, MO, London, England


Learn more about Sage-ing principles and practices, or participate in one of our educational programs.



Conscious Age-ing is about networking with other Elders. Join or create a local Wisdom Circle.



Conscious Age-ing is about giving back, providing service, mentoring. See what Sages in Service are doing.




Sage-ing International is committed to transforming the current paradigm of  aging to “sage-ing”  through  learning, community building and service.

With a confidence born from harvesting life experience and with a humility that sees service as the natural result of continued inner growth, we find ways to serve every day. This generosity of spirit elicits joy in human relations, while positively benefiting the communities and cultures we serve.

  • We embrace new paradigms for aging to realize our potential.
  • We recall important people and events and how they have shaped us.
  • We harvest the wisdom learned through life’s triumphs and challenges.
  • We find solace in forgiving others and ourselves
  • We make peace with death, taking spiritual and practical steps
  • We create a legacy through service, mentoring and activism

Is Sage-ing for You?

Are you in the second half of life and wondering what to do next? Have you just retired, have you recently become an empty-nester or has some other life transition left you wondering “what’s next?” Sage-ing may be your answer!

Sage-ing engages curiosity, community, commitment and connections and encourages us to enrich ourselves and our world through serving a cause, contacting a friend, reading a good book, attending a class, or enjoying the beauty and wonder of nature.

Embracing a sage-ing way of life may be the most important thing you do for yourself (and for others in your life) this year.

Here we share wisdom and inspiring stories from the Sage-ing International community, as well as from other partners in the rich collective of the conscious aging field. We aspire to bring you changing content of interest that keeps you coming back for more!

Meet Reb Zalman

Meet Reb Zalman and learn about Sage-ing and Conscious Aging principles.

Qualities of Sages in Service

With a confidence born from harvesting life experience and a humility that sees service as the natural result of continued inner growth, we find ways to serve everyday. This generosity of spirit elicits joy in human relations while positively benefiting the communities and cultures we serve. More about these here

  • Deep Listening
  • Compassion
  • Joyfulness
  • Peacefulness
  • Open Communication
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Inclusiveness
  • Integrity
  • Reverence for Life
  • Respect

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